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Hinge Collaborative is a community arts initiative and printmaking studio.

We provide work space and development for artists including workshops, exhibitions, artist mentorship, and pop-up markets, and facilitate socially engaged art projects, educational partnerships, and cultural events in our community. As a place-based endeavor, our studio aims to foster ongoing relationships and provide a platform to build strong community coalitions, cultural expression and meaningful belonging.   


Our Beginning

Hinge Collaborative is the artist team of Séan Alonzo Harris and Elizabeth Jabar.

Growing up we experienced the power of art as a place of refuge and an expression of our true selves. We both spent time in after-school arts programs with teachers and mentors who showed us that art-making was our first voice, a way to be seen and communicate with the world. Making art unlocked our purpose, gave meaning to our lives and provided a space for joy, healing, community, and pathway to our future.

After 30 years of experience in making, exhibiting, teaching and public engagement initiatives, we are launching a creative studio to share our models and strategies for socially engaged art and civic action. Our practices facilitate deep learning, forge relationships and design solutions through active participation, social experience, and creative experimentation. 

We are professional studio artists and consultants to various for-profit and nonprofit entities and design arts programming, curriculum and community partnerships that promote civic engagement, mentorship and cultural participation. We produce a range of social change projects that connect youth, emerging and established artists, together with community partners, including art institutions, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.

Our endeavors include workshops, exhibitions, public creative interventions and participatory projects, limited edition prints, photographs, and community cultural events. 


“As socially engaged artists, educators and bridge builders, we believe firmly that art and artists make communities better and provide essential opportunities for people to connect and thrive.”


Our Mission

If the door isn’t open, you have to make your own door.
— Judith Jamison

Artists are a valuable asset in building community and propelling social change. Art and culture transform the way we see the world, each other, and can build bridges across difference. We challenge artists to consider how their work can promote civic engagement, social equity and cultural development and position artists as creative leaders in our community and world.  

Hinge Collaborative amplifies the work of artists and designers by providing a platform to showcase their work and encourage the growth of a robust art community by engaging artists in a variety of social change projects and entrepreneurial endeavors. Using a range of approaches including exhibitions, events, workshops, community partnerships, and education we produce, promote, and support artists to expand opportunities for creative expression and build long-term sustained investment in their work.


Our Values

Co-creation + Collaboration: We believe that by working collectively we can leverage the full creative capacity of our community to design innovative solutions and strengthen our connections to each other. 

Generosity: We experience the best of ourselves and each other when we seek opportunities to contribute to our community and world. 

Inclusivity: We strive to create spaces and opportunities that respect, value and honor the voices and stories of all people.  

Equity: Our work is guided by the principles of justice for all people.  

Social change: We believe that art and artists are vital for envisioning a better world and building the communities we want to live in. 


Healing: We experience art making as a powerful tool for reflection and contemplation that activates our creative imagination and empathy.   

Compassion: We understand that meaningful and lasting social change requires us to recognize and address inequity and injustice.  

Civic participation: We believe that creative expression contributes to the health of our civil society by providing opportunity for dialog and exchange that kindles solidarity.    

Mentorship: We understand that building trusting relationships and investing in youth is essential for building the next generation of artists and leaders.   

Reciprocity: We believe that collaboration requires mutual exchange and mutual benefit for all involved.


“Our studio provides space for individuals to come together across difference to engage in opportunities for creative expression, to animate our connections with each other and to build better civic models for a sustainable future.”